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How we started

Project TurnOver was started in Holland 9 years ago by Joeri Peperkamp and Olga Graaf. Some of their 800+ participants now run courses delivering multiple Programs in Holland

Highest Success Rates

Together we have achieved a consistent 82% success rate.


Over 860 participants attending the project.

Over 860

participants so far
82 %
Success rate
Participants attending
Started the UK programme
Project TurnOver Founder and UK Trustee

Joeri Peperkamp

We started the UK programme in October 2019 ,completing a successful pilot with prisoners from Feltham Young Offenders Institute along with an additional 5 Cohorts. We have already had some incredible success with two of the young men from our first Cohort who upon release became TurnOver Ambassador Legends - MJ is a full time mentor and JoJo is at university studying sport. Both support the charity in a variety of ways and we are very proud of their achievements to date. Most of our young people have returned to education and are succeeding. 

Our ethos is that, once part of Project TurnOver, you are always part of the family and we support you as and when you need. In Holland, Diedrik was on the programme following a long prison sentence over 8 years ago and he has been working full time with Project TurnOver in Holland for 3 years now. Diedrik flew over to the UK to meet our Cohort 1 participants in 2019.

TurnOver UK started ‘prevention’ programmes in 2020 with young people aged 13-17 who have been excluded from school, at risk of being excluded, on the police radar and at risk of following a wrong path which may not give them the best outcome in life. Our courses are based at Staines RFC, Feltham.


We started our CALMS (Community Action Lead Mentoring and Sport) in December 2020 with over 11 young boys and girls attending. This is a collaboration programme with No Shame in Running, Garvin Snell and includes Boxing, fitness, mental wellbeing, mentoring, violence reduction/grooming/knife crime workshops. Hosted at Hanworth Youth Centre and supported by The Backstreet Dojo, Sensei Tony Newman https://backstreet-dojo.business.site/

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