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We are growing fast and need your support!

100% of your donation will benefit young people ‘at risk’ of exclusion, going to prison, gang involvement, on ROTL (Released On Temporary Licence) and help them TAKE CONTROL of their lives and turn their future trajectory around.

We are extremely grateful to Virtual Clarity for their continued support of our work. Virtual Clarity have supported Project Turn-Over UK from the first conception – CEO Steve Peskin was on a similar path in his youth and he recognises the huge benefit that an intervention project like Turn-Over can do to help steer young people onto a more positive path. Steve wanted to ‘give back’ to support the young people in Holland and the UK.


What is our target group?

We offer our programme to those young people who need help. Those who are at a difficult time of their lives, to we help to turn things around for them.
Target audiences

  • Young people who have or are at risk of offending
  • Excluded from school and PRU
  • Vulnerable young people
  • Young people without a basic qualification or NEET
  • Young people with criminal behaviour or on ROTL

Project Turn-Over is there to help these young people. In addition, we desperately need your support. Can you make a difference in the lives of these young people?

What do we do with your donation?

We offer young people what they need at often a difficult time of their lives. Our participants typically have served time in prison or have been excluded from school or are in care and having social, economical, mental health issues or being groomed, bullied, at risk of permanent exclusion from school. We offer them a chance to improve their prospects. Our participants join the Turn-Over family and receive meals on site, mentoring and 1-2-1 support, rugby, boxing, football and more. We can guide them on their journey to a better life prospect.

What else do we do?

Assisting the local councils to re-engage young people, partners of Model City, Princes Trust, local charities, services support (police) and working closely with local prisons, PRU schools and Universities. We enter a team in the Amsterdam 7s to give the participants an opportunity to help out, develop new skills and to help drive exposure. In addition we will be running a calendar of events in the UK including a cycle challenge from Twickenham to Amsterdam, a 7s Tournament and various dinner events to further develop the funding and to highlight what we do.

Future goals?

In the coming years we are looking to expand hubs in the UK to reach more communities. Through funding support, we hope to help over 100 young people in the UK. We aim to offer even more young people a positive future. We are currently active at 4 hubs in Holland and 2 in the UK with plans in 2021 to expand to France, Belgium and Switzerland

We gained charitable status in June 2020

This means all donations are subject to “Gift Aid” relief, ensuring that the best possible tax reliefs are available for both the donors and the Charity. 

Project Turn-Over is a registered Charity in England & Wales (1188981)

Why donate?

Unfortunately, there are young people who ‘fall between the gaps’. These young people may be permanently excluded from school, have been in care, homeless or in prison where they may not be allowed to return home upon release. What happens to them? Do they fall into bad habits, become groomed, get involved in gangs, start an addictive habit and loose sight of a meaningful and fulfilling future, or is there an intervention scheme that can help them get their lives back on track? That is what we do at Project Turn-Over. With your help, we can help more vulnerable youth. Currently in Holland, we have an 80% success rate. Success is measured through participants going back to work/school/apprenticeships/University or not re-offending. We can all help these young people take back control of their lives.

Does your company have a Corporate social responsibility (CSR)?

CSR has grown enormously in the last ten years and the business case is compelling. That is not to say that CSR is the ‘silver bullet’ for achieving meaningful social change — this will require collaborative action. Part of this is a more mature relationship between charities and businesses — something beyond the worth ‘charitable donation’. At Project Turn-Over, we engage with business in a way that achieves mutual benefit; not ‘cap in hand’ but exploring the potential in shared objectives.

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