Founder of Turn-Over: Joeri Peperkamp

Founder of Turn-Over: Joeri Peperkamp

A big guy with a small heart, that’s Joeri Peperkamp. The 44-year-old founder of Turn-Over has already had a lifetime. Joeri also experienced a lot in his younger years. Joeri has also had opportunities to get back on top. And Joeri seized those opportunities.

Rugby fanatic Joeri Peperkamp has worked in the printing world from an early age and has been a porter. Commitment is his own. He worked for years as a volunteer in sports projects for young people in Sarajevo and Belfast, among others. “In 2008 I had a car accident and I had to rehabilitate for a year and a half. During that time I started following courses and I ended up as a coach at various youth care organizations. I learned an incredible amount there when dealing with young people. But I also saw that things could be better. These young people are in the power of their lives, they have a lot of energy and they have to be able to do something with that. Not long after that, we created Turn-Over. “


“During the intake I know what kind of meat we have in the tub. Sometimes I provoke a potential participant to check their response. Yes, there are guys we can’t help. If a candidate does not want to change – or only because, for example, the probation service expects that of him – he is not at the right address with us. On the one hand because we can only help when you want to change yourself and on the other because we do not want the other candidates to be negatively influenced. Do you want to break free from the past and do you want to climb out of the valley? Then you are very welcome! “


“Respect is one of the basic standards in rugby sport. A standard that I would like to emphasize. That is why I do not accept that our participants are negative or condescending about women, for example. In the first few weeks, the boys sometimes exhibit rooster behavior. After a few weeks that ebbs away. In fact, we have a pretty shy boy in the current group. Before the arrival of this boy I gave the group the responsibility that he would feel welcome. In the meantime he feels so comfortable within the group that he starts to get chats himself. “Joeri continues:” Sometimes a participant loses his old behavior and cannot finish the process. Then I continue to guide him individually, I never leave anyone to his fate. “Joeri continues:” We work together with various aid organizations and try to get the best out of every young person. And despite all the help we can and want to offer, sometimes it doesn’t work. If a boy does not cooperate, does not seize the opportunities, then we must say goodbye. I find that incredibly difficult. “


“We are sometimes told that we are a commercial company. Turn-Over is indeed a private company. Which does not mean that we do this work for financial profit. Our profit lies in optimally guiding our boys. In the successful completion of our trajectory and a permanent place on the labor market. Our supervisors are at least as involved as professionals at government agencies. We take our responsibility 24/7. Incidentally, we are busy setting up the Turn-Over Foundation, from which we also want to help young people who normally fall outside the boat. “

Thinking in solutions

“I try to make our young people think in terms of solutions. Participants have already had to deal with emergency services. They talk in terms like you and me. We show them that we can achieve everything together. I would like to do things that benefit young people. Sure, sometimes they ask me what I know about it. Well, so much. I use my experience to help the boys. I encourage them to learn from my mistakes. That mainly works with the younger participants, the older boys know through experience that they must seize opportunities with both hands. I always tell the honest story. Boy, this is going to be a fucking year. You have to fight to get out of the valley. But I stand by your side and help you through this phase. “” Turn-Over proves to be a success. It goes fast. There is a lot of interest, also from other parts of the country. I am proud of the success, the growth and my team. We have created something beautiful and sustainable. The only drawback is that we don’t have time to sit back and enjoy. “