Alex recording with Finding Rhythms
Alex recording with Finding Rhythms
Take back control

We aim to reverse the current situation of participants

Allowing them to re-gain control of their future. Our most important goal is to provide young people with the support and tools they need to get their lives back on track. Through our 12 week programme, we look at what each individual needs and help steer them in the right direction.

Target Audience

  • Young people who have or at risk of offending

  • Excluded or ‘at risk’ of being excluded from school

  • Vulnerable young people

  • Young people without a basic qualification

  • Young people with criminal behavior

AJ, past participant

"I was selling drugs, involved in gangs and my main focus was hunting down the man who nearly killed me. The first few days at TurnOver I thought it was like any other course. I was very wrong. "

We walk alongside you helping you reach your individual goals.

Our TAKING CONTROL courses are hosted at Staines RFC – 12 weeks, 3 days a week with assistance thereafter when needed.

MJ and JoJo join us to help deliver the course and were on our 1st UK Cohort. Upon release they were made Legend Ambassadors. They assists on our courses and join mentoring workshops and offer ‘real life’ experience.  MJ is now a full time mentor for St. Giles Foundation and JoJo is doing a degree at University. We are very proud of their achievements.