Our mission, vision and core values

Supporting at risk young people to change the direction of their lives

At Project Turn-Over, we help young people to get back on the right path through professional guidance and with the help of sport, mentoring and life skills. With a challenging physical and cognitive program, we walk alongside them assisting a return to school/out of exclusion/ to stop offending/ ROTL support return to society.

We are a passionate team which assists ‘at risk’ youth through a rugby and sports centric programme with a  refreshing approach.

Creating a more sustainable society by moving young offenders from incarceration to full-time work or education, and PRU/NEET youth back into education or work with a projected success rate of 80%.

What have participants got out of our programme?

Pride and belief in themselves * Feeling valued * Feeling cared for and supported * Pathway support through the gate * Mental wellbeing * Life and business skills * Taking control of their future trajectory

Mission Statement

To contribute to a more sustainable society through prevention and rehabilitation of the UK’s most ‘at risk’ youth groups via a unique programme combining rugby, sports and life skills.

We focus on rehabilitation and maintaining sustained education.

How we will deliver this
We do this through a well structured sports-centric, mentoring and life skills programme in partnership with those who care.

Our Values

  • We make a difference
  • We are informal but promote self discipline
  • We are a family
  • We focus on making a positive impact
  • We care

We work with young people who need permanent behavioural change. With a personal approach from the heart, we work with physical and cognitive training focused on teamwork, discipline and mutual trust to ensure positive skills are developed and discovered. This ensures self-knowledge, endurance and ability to cope. In short; a solid foundation for the future.

We offer everyone a second chance and keep in touch with our participants, clients and our Turn-Over Legends. As a team we work on an inspiring vision. With perseverance, brotherhood and positive energy we achieve our goals together. 

Booking forms for upcoming courses are on: COURSES

Referrals can be sent to: Programme Director,  Steve.leach@project-turnover.com 

Founder, Joeri Pepeperkamp

"We work together with a variety of organisations and get the best out of every young person."

Our young people face a variety of personal challenges and our team walk alongside them and support to  overcome issues like: 
* Anxiety
* Grooming
* Exclusion
* Smoking weed
* Knife crime
* Bullying
* Anger management