Joeri Peperkamp
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Joeri Peperkamp
Project Turn-Over Founder and UK President
I would like to do things that benefit young people. Of course they sometimes ask me what I know about it. Well, very much. I use my experience to help the boys. I encourage them to learn from my mistakes. That mainly works with the younger participants, the older boys know from experience that they must seize opportunities with both hands. I am always honest.
“Boy, this is going to be a tough year. You have to fight to get out of this valley. But we will stand by your side and help you through this phase.” The result has been succesful. I am proud of the success, the growth and our teams both in Holland and the UK. We have created something beautiful and sustainable.
Once you are part of Project TurnOver, you are part of our family and we are there for you. I have participants who still call me regularly from 7 years ago when they were on our programme.