We tackle the core of the issue


Through the core values of rugby, we help you achieve your goals.

You do not need to have any rugby experience, however the core values of rugby are the ‘vehicle’ that drives the programme and your change. Teamwork, Respect, Enjoyment, Discipline, and Sportsmanship.

A ‘Turn-Over’ is a specific rugby term. A ‘Turn-over’ is when a team re-gains possession of the ball and therefore takes control of the game. Project TurnOver aims to reverse the current situation of participants, allowing them to re-gain control of their future.

What are the outcomes?

After completing Project TurnOver, the participant can:
Head in a positive direction towards the life you want and deserve 
You will know what your goals are and what steps you need to take to achieve them. We help you all the way. This might not be easy at times but we are here to guide you through challenging times. You may have finished the course, but you will always be part of the TurnOver family and we are here to keep you on track. 
Push through barriers and challenges
You will be stronger both physically and mentally. You will know your worth and be equipped to deal with the challenges which can arise. You will be determined and committed to achieve your goals. 
Become a TurnOver Legend
On completing the course, you become a TurnOver Legend; joining a special group of previous participants who are now achieving things within their lives they never thought possible. You will be a life long member of the Turn-Over family. 

Some of the outcomes include

  • To positively function within a team on and off the pitch. 
  • Insight into, and knowledge of, learning socio-emotional behaviour of rules and values
  • Participation in lived experience anti crime, grooming and addiction workshops
  • Return to full time school
  • Being able to deal with setbacks and convert them into learning moments
  • Identify with strengths, weaknesses, possibilities, and challenges
  • Identify personal possibilities regarding work/training/future opportunities
  • Older groups – Draw up, adjust, and keep a current and usable CV
  • Write a realistic and relevant job application
  • Participate in a realistic and successful job interview
  • Participate in a rugby team as a rugby player in games and ideally become a member of a rugby club
Courses include: mentoring, 1-2-1 discussions and guidance, boxing, football, personal training, American football, rugby, life skills and behaviour change. 

“I was selling drugs, involved in gangs and my main focus was hunting down the man who nearly killed me. The first few days at Turn-Over I thought it was like any other course. I was very wrong.”


Get your life back on track

The first step is the most difficult. Fortunately we are here to help you. At times it will not be easy for you and you will need to trust us and dig deep to reach your goals. We are with you every step of the way. We help you make the changes to help you take control of your life.

We set high expectations for all participants

You have to fight to reach your potential. Nobody said it would be easy. At Project TurnOver you learn to recognise and set your limits. The result? You become stronger, physically and mentally.

Become a Turn-Over legend

Once you have successfully completed the program and achieved your goals, you will become a TurnOver Legend and are always a part of our family whenever you need us!
The Core Values of Rugby

Learn to engage through teamwork | respect | enjoyment | discipline | sportsmanship.

Our programmes help you! Each person is individual with individual challenges to overcome. 

We were delighted to welcome RK back onto the course. When he initially joined the programme, he was smoking weed, excluded from school and hanging around with kids on the streets. He came back to visit us recently to celebrate achieving his goals to:
* Get back into a main stream school 
* Stop smoking weed
* Not spend time with people who negatively impact on his life
We celebrated with cake, soft drinks, treats and a gifts for RK –